Surface structuring

We have at our disposal a modern line for structuring of wood-based panels and solid wood. It allows processing of sheets having a width of up to 1250 mm and a thickness of 4 to 80 mm. Structuring, depending on your needs, allows to obtain very interesting effects – from the delicate structure to the very deep one.

Structuring is the process of removing the early wood from sheet surface,
and thus, to enhance the late wood on it, which features a higher density. As a result, the surface is harder and more resistant to the effects of changing weather conditions. Late wood does not crack even under changing temperature and humidity. Structured surface exposes the natural qualities of wood, it is “warmer”, it also has an interesting look wanted by the designers and architects.

In order to provide the services for You at the highest level, we formed the Client Adviser Team, whose members are the specialists from each of the company’s activity field.
At  Your service we have a trader who will advise You and help in preparing an order, and technologists who will explain all the technological questions, prepare the specimens, make the tests and achieve necessary certificates.


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