Plywoods in natural veneers

Plywood typeSoftwood, veneered
 Dry durable or waterproof
Wood type (internal layers) Birch, Alder, Beech  
Dimensions (mm)2500 x 1250, 2130 x 1250
Thickness (mm)4 – 30
Density (kg/m³) 680 – 800  
Quality classI/II, or any other one  to be agreed  
Bending strength (MPa)along the fibres60 – 80
across the fibres40 -65
Thickness of external veneer layers [mm]0,6

We offer a wide range of  plywoods coated with natural, flat-machined veneer.

The standard plywoods are pre-polished. They may not be polished at the request.
The most popular species include: European oak, ash, pine with narrow wood grain (Carolina).

– skeletal, box-type furniture (rear walls, side walls, front panels, etc.)

-wood gallantry, decorative elements
-building carpentry (external and internal doors)

-boxes for cigars and wines
-chess, checkers


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