Plywood with foil / aluminium sheet

Plywood typePine, or hardwood waterproof – melamine
Quality classI/III, II/III, or others to be agreed
Format (mm)2500 x 1250, or others to be agreed
Thickness (mm)4 – 24
Specific density (kg/m³)560 – 750
Bending strength (MPa)50 – 100

Plywood with foil or aluminium plate is glued with an odd or even number of veneer layers. Foil or aluminium sheet is one of the middle layers of the plate (it is usually the third layer).
Plywood can be made both from pine and hardwood species (birch, alder, beech).

By using a very thin aluminium foil (0.03 mm) machining by cutting, milling, drilling, etc. does not cause any problems and does not require the use of special tools. We also offer plywood with aluminum sheet of 0.3 mm.
As in the case of general-purpose plywood, plywood with foil or aluminium plates are made in two versions:

  • standard – combi plywood
  • Special design – with special construction and quality of the inner layers (e. g. pine in full cross section or full internal layers (for milling), etc.).

On special order, we can make the processing or refining of plywood.

Elements made from this plate keep stable shape during their exploitation. It is provided by the foil or aluminium sheet, which acts as a protection against the adverse effect of changing external conditions. The film or sheet also protects against internal stresses.
Due to its characteristics, plywood with foil or aluminium sheet is used in the production of:
– external doors
– security / antiburglary doors
– refrigeration equipment
– containers – isotherms


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