Plywood for the structuring of concrete

Plywood typepine, waterproof – phenolic
Quality classIII/IV
Thickness (mm)6,5 – 21
Moisture (%)5 – 12
Density (kg/m³)560-620
Bending strength (MPa)along the fibres30 – 60
across the fibres30 – 45

The pine, waterproof plywood is brushed deep, on one side or on both sides, and upon request is protected with antiadhesive means.
Formwork/Shuttering with such plates allows one to get the wood structure imprint on the cast concrete.
Concrete should be secured with clear or opaque paints designed for concrete surface, so as to obtain a pleasant and aesthetic texture, without necessity of plastering or carrying out of other finishing works.

Using a structured panel will allow to get the effect of three-dimensional structure of the wood on the walls of buildings, bridges, architectural and decorative elements.


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