Plywood type interior or exterior
Glue urea or phenolic
Moisture (%) 6 – 12
Apparent density (kg/m³) approx. 600
Bending strength (MPa)along the fibres50
 across the fibres2

Laths are vertical decorative slats made of wood that are typically installed on walls and ceilings to give the space a modern look. This is an absolute hit with interior designers. In addition to conforming to the current decorative trends, wooden laths are also used to improve acoustic conditions. The use of decorative slats increases the dispersion of sound waves. Wall coverings significantly reduce reverberation in spaces where we want to relax, i.e. bedroom or living room.

The Sklejka Eko wooden laths comply with the requirements of the ULEF CARB certification. They meet the strictest standards for low formaldehyde emission. It is worth noting that obtaining the above certificate is extremely difficult. The certification of our vertical decorative slats gives you a guarantee of safety and of the highest quality of workmanship.

If you are concerned about our environment…that’s a very good thing! Our company does absolutely everything to be zero waste. Woodchips from plywood processing and the bark are given a second life, becoming fully utilised raw material; and this is only a small fraction of our ecological activities.

The laths have many applications due to their strength. They are perfect for restaurants and hotels, where their acoustic properties allow customers to relax in silence. You can also use laths in your flat, bringing elegance and modernity to your own home.


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