Plywood type interior or exterior
Glue urea or phenolic
Moisture (%) 6 – 12
Apparent density (kg/m³) approx. 600
Bending strength (MPa)along the fibres50
 across the fibres2

The hexagonal elements joined together give the “honeycomb” effect. With this theme, you can easily give a room a completely different look. It will satisfy the most demanding customers.


If you are concerned about our environment…that’s a very good thing! Our company does absolutely everything to be zero waste. Woodchips from plywood processing and the bark are given a second life, becoming fully utilised raw material; and this is only a small fraction of our ecological activities.

The Edge collection can be the perfect replacement for wall paintings or photographs. Our product will easily decorate large spaces on the walls so that they do not appear so severe. Such a change will make the interior more modern and guests will immediately notice the elegance of their workmanship. Give your walls a powerful expression in a simple and intuitive way. The Edge collection is in line with the latest trends and is ideal for spaces such as cafés, hotels, beauty salons, shops, and anywhere else where customers expect professionalism and a sense of aesthetics from the owners.


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