Flexible plywood

Plywood typewaterproof
Moisture (%)7 – 12
Apparent density (kg/m³)approx. 460
Format/Size (mm)2500 x 1220, 1220 x 2500, 2440 x 1220, 1220 x 2440
Thickness (mm)3 – 8

Flexible plywood has been known for several years. It found destination, among others, in the furniture industry, acoustic industry, boatbuilding industry, in production of toys as well as for arranging and decorating of the interiors. Thanks to its characteristic features, it can replace the existing materials with elastic properties. Plywood is made from the exotic hardwood tree Okoume.

  • in the furniture industry
  • for the interiors finishing:       stairs, pillars, columns, walls, ceilings
  • in the shipbuilding industry:  yachts, boats
  • in production of toys
  • in the acoustic, loudspeaker systems branch
  • for production of concave and convex dies
  • housing of the fittings
  • allows its fast and easy processing
  • after the final immobilization it retains high rigidity
  • one can transform it into any designed shape
  • it is an excellent material used for the interiors designing


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