Edge plywood

Plywood type pine, hardwood or mixed
Glue urea or melamine, phenolic
Moisture (%) 5 – 12
Apparent density (kg/m³) 500-700
Bending strength (MPa)along the fibres>50
 across the fibres>2

Edge plywood is glued upright. The fibre layout is rotated 90° with respect to the conventional structure. This allows for exposing the interior layers and glue joints to give new visual features to the wood material. Different product patterns can be obtained depending on the wood and joint used. Edge plywood is characterised by significantly increased strength in the longitudinal direction while maintaining low strength in the transverse direction. For this reason, this plywood is perfect for the production of, for example, table tops. The plane is characterised by significantly higher resistance to mechanical damage compared to traditional plywood. You can also repeatedly repair the surface by sanding it, due to the fact that there is no risk of over-sanding the cladding.

Due to its properties, plywood is used in many industries. Inter alia, in:

– furniture (fronts),
– shelves,

– wood accessories (flower beds, shelves, shelves),
– countertops,
– construction carpentry (frames, window sills and others),
– stairs (straight and oblique steps), under-steps


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