Anti-slip plywood

Plywood typeWaterproof, glued with phenolic film – antislip
Sizes (mm)2130 x 1250, 2500 x 1250, 3000 x 1500
Thickness (mm)4 – 35
Wood typeBirch, “Twin”
Apparent density (kg/m³)600 – 750
Foil granulation (g/m²)120 – 440
Film colourStandard – brown, the remaining upon order
strength (MPa)
along the fibres40 – 75
across the fibres30 – 60
Moisture (%)5 – 12

The anti-slip plywood is the waterproof wood-based panel, glued with high quality phenolic resins. It is made of uneven number of veneer sheets. The plywood edges are protected with acryl paint, while both plywood planes are glued with phenolic foil. Anti-slip surface is embossed on one of the planes as grid imprint or hexagonal pattern.

Plywood with melamine / phenolic film has got wide application:

 – in furniture industry as the elements of furniture,

– equipment of fair stands,

– equipment of the interiors,

– in production of toys,

– children’s playgrounds,

– decorative packagings, cardboards or boxes,

–  in automotive industry,

– in boatbuilding,

– also used in sport equipment.


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